Cell Site Leases

Jonathan L. Kramer, J.D., LL.M., FSCTE, CBT. The Cell Site Lawyer. Attorney and Counselor at Law

Jonathan L. Kramer, J.D., LL.M., FSCTE, CBT. One of the Cell Site Lawyers.

Day in and day out the Cell Site Lawyer team serves private and government wireless site landlords:

  • Negotiate brand new and fair cell site leases that maximize revenue and control for the cell site landlord
  • Craft reasonable and mutually beneficial amendments of existing cell leases
  • Clean up inherently landlord-unfriendly legacy terms in the original cell site lease
  • Address unreasonable demands placed on them by tower companies acquiring control of the existing cell site
  • Avoid the draconian impacts of signing an estoppel agreement
  • Deal with cell site occupancy overages and other lease violations robbing the landlord of valuable earned income
  • Engage in renewal negotiations at the end of the final lease term
  • Sell existing cell site leases to third parties for cash payments
  • Avoid the Subordination and Non-Disturbance Trap found in most wireless lease templates
  • Help a selling property owner retain their cell lease (and income) while disposing of the balance of the property

…and every other element of cell site leasing, including litigation regarding cell site lease terms.

Do you speak ‘radio frequency technobabble’?  They hope you don’t.

Wireless companies looking to lease your property for decades are banking on the fact that you don’t know their technobabble.

That allows the wireless companies representatives tell you, the potential landlord, that certain terms in their standard agreement are ‘required for RF engineering reasons and can’t be changed because of federal regulations’ or it violates some mythical code of chivalry.

Generally, there are very few real lease terms that fall into this ‘can’t be changed’ category, but it’s unlikely you’ll know which terms they are.   That’s what the wireless company hopes, at lease.

We know the terms that can be changed, and those very few that cannot.

We take the babble out of the techno, and help put our cell lease landlords on an equal footing to negotiate a reasonable deal based on solid knowledge…not secrets.

Examples of recent successes we achieved for our cell site clients:

  • Increased the total lease payments for a client by nearly $60,000 by changing just one key term in the lease
  • Blocked a well-hidden land-grab by a wireless tower company that would have deprived our client of the full use of portions of his land beyond the cell site leasehold
  • Recovered a six-figure underpayment in rent and interest from a cell company over-occupying its lease on our client’s property
  • Generated over $1,000 per month in new lease revenues for a client without increasing the leasehold area of the existing cell site
  • Assisted a land management firm to maximize future revenue potential for one of their clients selling a wireless lease to a third party

Let us show you how we can help you.

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