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wirelessblackboard (1)It’s one thing to talk about wireless and broadband.  It’s another thing to teach it to lawyers, cell site landlords, academics, and others.  Here’s a listing of the next webinar to be taught by Dr. Jonathan Kramer, the head Cell Site Lawyer:

Current Issues in Cell Tower Leases
December 8, 2016 (Webinar)

The wireless industry has built more than 300,000 cell sites in the United States in the past 20 years. But many more cell sites are needed as iPhones®, iPads®, Droids and the like strain existing network capacity. More sites are needed to meet the government’s goal of using wireless to increase broadband speeds and coverage. At the same time, tower management companies are offering to buy existing cell leases and future leasing rights for large sums of money.

This topic helps level the playing field by providing private and municipal property owners with the expertise of two faculty members highly experienced in cell tower leases and sales. This will help property owners who usually are negotiating such leases or the sale of a lease for the first and only time, while the companies have teams of lawyers who work exclusively on such matters.

We will focus on key business issues in wireless site leases, including lease rates, who gets the revenues from additional antennas or carriers being co-located at a site, major rent increases for renewals and avoiding lease terms which can restrict or prevent an owner’s use or development of its own property or trigger a mortgage default. We also address the sale of cell leases and future leasing rights, including typical sale prices, when to sell, when it is generally not advisable to sell, how to get the best price and terms in a sale, and avoiding provisions that restrict the use or development of the underlying property. You will be better able to identify and resolve issues that are unique to wireless leases and sales, including what municipalities can include in a lease that cannot be included in a government-issued permit, site location and value, options on selling a lease, lease term and terminations, access requirements, interference regulation and mitigation, design and camouflage, and radio frequency emissions issues.

This webinar will be taught by John Pestle, Esq. and Dr. Jonathan Kramer, Esq., DLP.

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