Our Executive Committee

Hamlet, Hermione and Hannah:
Telecom Law Firm’s Executive Committee

Hamlet, Hermione and Hannah hold the important position of co-CEOs – Canine Efficiency Officers.

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 Hamlet Hermione  Hannah

They are the top dogs in our law office. Their jobs are to ensure that everyone at Telecom Law Firm works their tails off for our clients.

Each of our CEOs has adopted an “open paw” management style. They promote lots of petting, but are not opposed to sniffing, begging and woofing to get what they want…when they want it.

Fetching as they are, Hamlet, Hermione and Hannah have all made their mark on Telecom Law Firm’s projects and engagements. These cocker spaniels are constantly on the prowl, sniffing out new ideas and potential client solutions to chew on. They have been known to dig all night rather than settle on a less-superb result for our clients.

In addition, they are staunchly efficient and are also known to work for kibble in order to help us meet our client’s legal goals, and their budget goals.

Hamlet, the senior member of the pack, keeps everyone in line by batting his paw at them and demanding to be petted.

Hannah is fond of chewing on ideas while chewing on bones.

Hermione, is recognized for her creativity in overturning then digging into staff waste paper baskets, and also for absconding with the other CEOs’ toys.

While they know they are top dogs in the office, they never fail to remind us that the real top dogs are our clients.