Susan Gov, BS

All of us at Telecom Law Firm are very happy for Susan.  After nearly 4-yeras with us, Susan is officially on leave of absence until 2017.  Yes, Susan’s off to law school in Boston.

As TLF’s Senior Paralegal, Susan Gov’s assisted and supported the firm’s attorneys evaluate legal matters, perform legal research, and also to provide drafts of legal documents. She relied on her strong organizational skills to streamline procedures, enabling her team members to focus entirely on providing clients with quality work.

Susan organized the processes that make Telecom Law Firm, P.C. the go-to choice in telecommunications technology guidance.

She’s trilingual and fluent in Chinese (Teo-Chew), Cambodian and English. Susan is also conversant in the arcane language of law, so she’s actually quadrilingual.

As TLF’s Operations Manager, Susan wass responsible for keeping the attorneys pointed in the right direction, and helping them stay on course. She is, without a doubt, the firm’s rudder.

Prior to joining our firm, Ms. Gov served as assistant to a tax and probate and estate attorney where she honed her problem-solving abilities performing research and analysis, managing finances for the practice and preparing simple tax returns.

Ms. Gov served as a volunteer for the National Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) Conference in 2008.


Ms. Gov earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Management from California State University, Northridge. She appeared on the Dean’s List for two consecutive years.

Susan is now in Boston from 2014-to-2017 while at law school.  While we’ll be losing her for a while, her gain will be ours, too!